LaTia (jacquise) wrote in a_c_wildworld,

Good morning, everyone!

I have some free time today, so I want to open my town to visitors!

Villager: River
Friend Code: 0432 9195 5320

I don't really have any rules because there isn't much going on in my town other than the usual, don't chop anything down, don't run through the flowers, and please please don't talk to Pango, cuz she's trying to move and I don't have her picture yet.

I have oranges as my native fruit so if you want to bring other fruit, that'd be awesome. I don't have Nookington's yet, so feel free to shop at Nookway's

I'm also looking for pieces of the Exotic and Regal sets, so if anyone has those and is willing to let me catalog or buy them from ya, let me know!

Anyway, enough with the 'rules'. Who wants to come visit? :3
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