...Never show 'em your source code... (angelfirenze) wrote in a_c_wildworld,
...Never show 'em your source code...

Hi. Newbie to visitors, not the game...

I've been playing Animal Crossing in both incarnations for quite a while (though I'm not playing City Folk at the moment due to lack of batteries...), and am quite interested in visitors coming to my town.

Unfortunately, while my gate is currently open at DS to DS setting, I need to gain someone's friend code properly allow someone to enter my town, Galway (yes, after the Irish county and city; it's my favorite along with Dublin Region, IRE -- though Nyack, after Nyack, New York, is the name for my Wii village), from far away, I believe.

Copper is currently referring to everyone else as 'riffraff' and I'd like to make some friends, as well as finally gain access to my Nookington's level upgrade as I've spent more than enough money at Nookway and am beyond tired of it as a result.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

Hello and any and all and I really hope anyone would like to visit my village and is willing to give me their friend code. My DS can't seem to connect to the WFC and, thus, I can't access my own code at the moment, but if that doesn't hamper anyone, the more the merrier! Everyone's been complaining that there are never any visitors and that needs to be rectified.

If anyone comes at any time, I hope they have a good time and would visit again.

P.S.: I have every fruit except the peach and the coconut (I finally found out how to grow them and have since grown several trees) and, though I just figured out how to get the latter, my former's sapling just died, so I'm looking to get a peach to replant for a tree.

EDIT: I suppose that since I can only access the DS to DS setting in my house since we don't use the WEP setting (ours is TKIP and, thus, incompatible) and I'm not about to go flipping around with my mother's router and incur her wrath, I'm wondering if there's anyone from the Detroit metropolitan area (I live in Detroit proper) in this community who'd be willing to visit and be visited.

My brand new stats:

Name: Nicole.
Town: Galway.
Friend Code: 1678-4470-2872

Hi, all! Anyone who cares to visit, just comment and let me know you'd like me to open my gate. Once again, I'm missing only peaches and would love for someone to shop at my Nookway so I can finally upgrade to Nookington's. Thanks!
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