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Animal Crossing: Wild World Community [entries|friends|calendar]
Animal Crossing: Wild World Community

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[27 May 2012|06:41pm]


Wow I haven't been on this board in two years. Just the other day I saw ACWW on my table and thought about playing. If anyone is still out there looking for a town to visit, or a visitor you can always add me!

Town Name: Cali.
Name: Sonia
FC: 5198-6542-4627

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Anyone here? [14 Nov 2011|06:11pm]

Was looking around LJ for some active Animal Crossing communities talking about the upcoming 3DS game, but it seems like they're all dead.

So I've created a new community specifically for the next game!

The Animal Crossing 3DS Community

News updates
Wi-Fi Events
Meet other players
Trade items
and much more!
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Hey:) [29 Oct 2011|07:12pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey guys!.
I've just got back from playing acww, I would like to visit others peoples town or you can visit mine.:)

Name: Tiara  
Town: Kalibö
Code: 3525-5444-8603

ps. ive just restarted few weeks, so my town is pretty basic. I only have apples so if you dont mind giving me others fruits that will be very helpful! thanks:)

See you in the game :)

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[19 Aug 2011|07:15pm]

Does anyone know the realease date for Animal Crossing 3DS in the UK?
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[14 Aug 2011|05:27pm]

 I finally got the internet on my ds working, so i want to visit some people!

my fruit is cherry.
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come to my town [12 Aug 2011|12:04am]
i want someone to visit my town.  i just started recently so there isnt much.  my fruit is orange. 
Friend Code : 1249-0867-1934
Name : Kat
Town : Shintera
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Wanting to visit people and vice versa [06 Aug 2011|12:43am]
 Name: Ferret
Town: Applevil
Code: 5114 5479 8370

I'm interested in having some people visit my town. Or maybe I can come visit you.

I have pears as my fruit. I just got the game last week so everything in my town is fairly new,

But I would love to have people visit and make friends.
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Good morning, everyone! [22 Jun 2011|10:00am]

I have some free time today, so I want to open my town to visitors!

Villager: River
Friend Code: 0432 9195 5320

I don't really have any rules because there isn't much going on in my town other than the usual, don't chop anything down, don't run through the flowers, and please please don't talk to Pango, cuz she's trying to move and I don't have her picture yet.

I have oranges as my native fruit so if you want to bring other fruit, that'd be awesome. I don't have Nookington's yet, so feel free to shop at Nookway's

I'm also looking for pieces of the Exotic and Regal sets, so if anyone has those and is willing to let me catalog or buy them from ya, let me know!

Anyway, enough with the 'rules'. Who wants to come visit? :3
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Since there's apparently a comment limit... [06 Jun 2011|11:21pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm opening my gates and would like to know if anyone's interested in visiting me tonight or my coming to their village instead. I'm curious about other peoples' Nookington's' selection, in particular. I finally got the high-end stereo yesterday and am still ecstatic about that.

I'd love to add things like tatamis and whatnot to my catalog, if that's possible in this game, since the only player's guide I have is actually for City Folk.

AMENDMENT: Question, does anyone have a Nookington's model they'd be willing to part with and, if so, for how much? I've recently crossed the 3,000,000 Bell mark (though Joan's turnips have temporarily dropped my account back down) and would be happy to pay for one or, should anyone be interested in coming to my village, if there's anything in my catalog they're interested in, I could bring that to their village. I have several spotlight and/or lucky items I could pre-order and bring along.

Another question: is the Arwing part of the Wild World catalog or is that isolated to City Folk? Is there anything special I need to do to get one? The same goes for the furniture that would be found in Gracie's store (the dessert furniture or anything else). Basically, I'm wondering how to expand my repertoire because all the Animals in my town seem to largely think I'm only interested in wallpaper, and only the most basic at that.

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Okay, before you close your gates... [28 May 2011|02:08pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Hopefully, you'd come to visit my town today or I could come to yours:

Name: Nicole.
Town: Galway.
Friend Code: 1678-4470-2872

This post is for:

I'd love it if we could meet up somehow. I really need someone to shop at my Nookway because I'm so very tired of it. (Thank you so much, Kathryn!) Leaving a message on my bulletin board would be awesome, as well, if you decided to come my way.

I wanted to catch you while you were still on the WFC and I could get access, myself.

AMENDMENT SO I DON'T KEEP SPAMMING EVERYONE: Alright, I thought it would go differently, but when I reached enough shopping points for the Nookington's model, it never came in the mail so I thought that when it was finally built, it would come. It hasn't. Is there any way this can be rectified - more importantly, is there something I'm missing, like with needing to have someone shop at my store - or is there anyone willing to give me theirs if they don't want it or something?

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My gate is tentatively open, barring HOT weather... [17 May 2011|12:04pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

And I'd love for people to pop by.

Name: Nicole.
Town: Galway.
Friend Code: 1678-4470-2872

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Hi. Newbie to visitors, not the game... [05 May 2011|12:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've been playing Animal Crossing in both incarnations for quite a while (though I'm not playing City Folk at the moment due to lack of batteries...), and am quite interested in visitors coming to my town.

Unfortunately, while my gate is currently open at DS to DS setting, I need to gain someone's friend code properly allow someone to enter my town, Galway (yes, after the Irish county and city; it's my favorite along with Dublin Region, IRE -- though Nyack, after Nyack, New York, is the name for my Wii village), from far away, I believe.

Copper is currently referring to everyone else as 'riffraff' and I'd like to make some friends, as well as finally gain access to my Nookington's level upgrade as I've spent more than enough money at Nookway and am beyond tired of it as a result.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

Hello and any and all and I really hope anyone would like to visit my village and is willing to give me their friend code. My DS can't seem to connect to the WFC and, thus, I can't access my own code at the moment, but if that doesn't hamper anyone, the more the merrier! Everyone's been complaining that there are never any visitors and that needs to be rectified.

If anyone comes at any time, I hope they have a good time and would visit again.

P.S.: I have every fruit except the peach and the coconut (I finally found out how to grow them and have since grown several trees) and, though I just figured out how to get the latter, my former's sapling just died, so I'm looking to get a peach to replant for a tree.

EDIT: I suppose that since I can only access the DS to DS setting in my house since we don't use the WEP setting (ours is TKIP and, thus, incompatible) and I'm not about to go flipping around with my mother's router and incur her wrath, I'm wondering if there's anyone from the Detroit metropolitan area (I live in Detroit proper) in this community who'd be willing to visit and be visited.

My brand new stats:

Name: Nicole.
Town: Galway.
Friend Code: 1678-4470-2872

Hi, all! Anyone who cares to visit, just comment and let me know you'd like me to open my gate. Once again, I'm missing only peaches and would love for someone to shop at my Nookway so I can finally upgrade to Nookington's. Thanks!

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[19 Mar 2011|05:48pm]

Hi guys! I haven't played Animal Crossing: Wild World since high school, and I'm now a senior in college. I've picked up my old game and want to continue playing in my town, but it's covered in weeds! If anyone wants to come over and pick some weeds with me, I'd really appreciate it.

My town has an extensive catalog (I've got a Nookington's), and all the fruits for the taking. From weeding today I've also found 3 4-leaf clovers that I'd be willing to give out to anyone willing to help weed. General rules apply, don't chop my trees and run over my flowers. :D

Friend Code: 5455 4041 8098
Name: Manya <3 (that's a space and the heart symbol)
Town: West Egg
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Looking for Pears or just a good time [13 Mar 2011|02:54pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Name: Gracie
Town: Rosalia
FC: 0131-5716-6571

Looking for pears but also just to visit. Pears aren't required I'm just bored. :) I have peaches, apples, cherries, oranges, and coconuts if anyone is interested.

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Open [12 Mar 2011|07:11pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Name: Gracie

Town: Rosalia

Friend Code: 0131-5716-6571

I have an older game. I have apples, peaches, oranges, cherries, and coconuts! If you have pears please bring at least 5 over!! Thanks a bunch!!! oh and if my gate isnt working just let me know or ill post. Thanks again!!

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new!...ish [06 Mar 2011|04:23pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I've had this game for a while now and haven't been able to use the friend interaction until now. Please add me!

Name: Amanda
Town: Flint
Code: 1205-8974-5277


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my gates will be open till 11 central standard time [02 Mar 2011|09:10pm]

i will have my gates open tonight for a bit so if anyone wants to visit let me know

Friend Code: 4770-6521-1244
Name: Brandi
Town: Mountain
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Gates are open :P [01 Mar 2011|10:21pm]

hey if anyone is on it would be awesome if i could visit there town and they could visit my town add me and message me your info so i can add you

Friend Code:4770 6521 1244
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Just Getting Started On Animal Crossing Wild World for the Ds! [28 Feb 2011|03:38pm]

i just started the game and i need to know if anyone would be willing to let me add them into my friend roster and if they would add me it would be amazing if you could and one day we visit eachothers town
please comment with your info if you would be willing to

Friend Code: 4770-6521-1244
Name: Brandi
Town: Mountain
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