...Never show 'em your source code... (angelfirenze) wrote in a_c_wildworld,
...Never show 'em your source code...

Since there's apparently a comment limit...

I'm opening my gates and would like to know if anyone's interested in visiting me tonight or my coming to their village instead. I'm curious about other peoples' Nookington's' selection, in particular. I finally got the high-end stereo yesterday and am still ecstatic about that.

I'd love to add things like tatamis and whatnot to my catalog, if that's possible in this game, since the only player's guide I have is actually for City Folk.

AMENDMENT: Question, does anyone have a Nookington's model they'd be willing to part with and, if so, for how much? I've recently crossed the 3,000,000 Bell mark (though Joan's turnips have temporarily dropped my account back down) and would be happy to pay for one or, should anyone be interested in coming to my village, if there's anything in my catalog they're interested in, I could bring that to their village. I have several spotlight and/or lucky items I could pre-order and bring along.

Another question: is the Arwing part of the Wild World catalog or is that isolated to City Folk? Is there anything special I need to do to get one? The same goes for the furniture that would be found in Gracie's store (the dessert furniture or anything else). Basically, I'm wondering how to expand my repertoire because all the Animals in my town seem to largely think I'm only interested in wallpaper, and only the most basic at that.
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