...Never show 'em your source code... (angelfirenze) wrote in a_c_wildworld,
...Never show 'em your source code...

Okay, before you close your gates...

Hopefully, you'd come to visit my town today or I could come to yours:

Name: Nicole.
Town: Galway.
Friend Code: 1678-4470-2872

This post is for:

I'd love it if we could meet up somehow. I really need someone to shop at my Nookway because I'm so very tired of it. (Thank you so much, Kathryn!) Leaving a message on my bulletin board would be awesome, as well, if you decided to come my way.

I wanted to catch you while you were still on the WFC and I could get access, myself.

AMENDMENT SO I DON'T KEEP SPAMMING EVERYONE: Alright, I thought it would go differently, but when I reached enough shopping points for the Nookington's model, it never came in the mail so I thought that when it was finally built, it would come. It hasn't. Is there any way this can be rectified - more importantly, is there something I'm missing, like with needing to have someone shop at my store - or is there anyone willing to give me theirs if they don't want it or something?
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